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Kizuna No Allele Episode 7

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This is a story about the bonds between girls. Kizuna AI appeared like a comet in the virtual world, becoming massively popular in the blink of an eye. After winning the Lapin d'Or—the highest honor of the Virtual Grid Awards—five years in a row,she disappeared as quickly as she came. the highest honor of the Virtual Grid Award—she disappeared as quickly as she came. Several months have passed since then... ADEN Academy is a school that specializes in training new talent who will make their debut in the virtual world. There, students each with their own hopes and dreams work hard every day. "I wanna be a virtual artist just like AI!" A young girl named Miracle enrolls in ADEN Academy with this conviction in her heart. There, she'll meet all kinds of people and make wonderful new memories with them as they each pursue their dreams. Are you ready? Her story begins now—

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